Classic Car Servicing, Storage and Care


Updated March 30, 2011

J. F. Stanley

Top end protection covers from Germany, available in tailored sizes for virtually all vehicles

Auto-Pyjama® Satin. Elegant first-class showroom quality for fine cars & motorbikes. Indoor covers in selected colours for your special vehicles. Guaranteed dust and scratch-proof, these covers allow the vehicle to properly breathe underneath. Available in a wide range of sizes tailored for a variety of vehicles, from motorbikes and sports cars to SUVs and 4x4s.
Auto-Storm® and Auto-Storm® AQUA. Outdoor vehicle covers that protect your assets in even the worst weather. These covers, produced in a neutral grey colour, will not rot, and allow even a dripping wet vehicle to properly and safely dry out underneath.
PermaBag®. Fully-enclosing covers with moisture absorbing de-humidifying canisters for totally safe long-term storage of vehicles and goods. PermaBag® workcs by reducing the humidity within the bag, achieving ideal storage conditions for long-term protection against corrosion and dust. Any trace of existing moisture that may be trapped inside cavities such as sills, inner-doors and exhaust systems is removed while the car is stored. The moisture is absored using cannisters containing environmentally friendly dessicant, which can be regenerated. Extra cannisters can be ordered.
tyreshoes Tyre-Shoes®. Shaped park-on pads which prevent flat-spotting and other damage to tyres. Drive-on and drive-off convenience for cars, caravans and motorcycles.

Evans Waterless Coolant

Evans Waterless Coolants are a chemical blend that results in more efficient cooling due to a higher boiling point. The increased boiling point of the coolant eliminates the occurrence of boil over, cavitation, and detonation. Not only do our coolants not boil over, they do not freeze. At extreme cold temperatures the coolants contract and become extremely thick, not becoming solid and expanding like antifreeze containing water. Because Evans Waterless Coolants do not contain water, electrolysis and corrosion are also eliminated. For more information, see Evans Waterless Coolant.

Bodge Engineering offers the complete solution - draining and disposing of existing coolant, pressure testing and flushing the radiator, drying the remaining water out of the engine, and refilling with Evans Waterless Coolant.

Battery Chargers

Optimate 3+®. Intelligent, self-diagnostic battery charger. Left connected, this charger ensures your vehicle is permanently ready-to-go even after extended storage times, whilst offering greatly extended battery life under these conditions. Furthermore,Bodge offers a service to wire a fitting to your car, making connection of the battery charger even simpler.

Brake Pads

CarboTech® high-performance, high temperature ceramic brake pads. Available for a wide range of passenger vehicles (including most classic cars), these pads and brake shoes will drastically improve braking performance. Initial bite and brake feel is improved, along with much increased fade resistance. No disc or caliper changes are required – available across the performance range in several increments, from improved road-going pads right up to full race applications. These pads offer spectacular performance and much improved road safety.

Fire Extinguishers

Enhanced-performance vehicle fire extinguishers. Significantly increased active ingredients make these powder-type extinguishers uniquely suitable for vehicle use – equivalent in protective power to much larger conventional extinguishers. Protect your assets properly and fit one to each of your cars. Available in polished stainless steel and conventional fire red, we will fit these for you.

Boot Racks and Badge Bars

Highly polished stainless steel boot racks to suit most classic cars – MGA, MGB, Triumph TR2/3/4/5/6, Morgan, Jaguar, Austin Healey, AC Cobra etc. Also available - custom badge bars and fittings. We offer a fitting service for these items.

In addition, we handle club regalia and badges for the MG Car Club Southern Cape and can supply custom car and club badges to order.